Monthly Reflections – Customer embellishment ideas for holistic therapists

I actually wrote this piece for the former business and I thought that it was so good, I am going to share it again with corrected grammar and spelling, whoops! So for those holistic therapists out there who would like some ideas on the customer embellishment department, here it is:


Perhaps not for this time of the year, but when the weather is cold; I have found that my clients love the fact that there is a heated blanket underneath the towels so that when they lie down, they are warm. This is especially important because after 10 minutes of lying down, your body cools down. The reason is that your heart rate is much slower in this position, so your body does not have to use the same amount of energy to keeping your body warm. As I have naturally cold hands, one of the best ways for me to heat my hands is to have my oil heated and as soon as I apply it onto my hands, they are heated straight away. When you apply your hands on the client without your hands being heated (even if your hands are not naturally cold) the client will sometimes jump at the cooling stinging sensation. By having everything heated, your client will feel more relaxed, feel at home and that they are being treated to a well deserved self-nurturing session.

Service Bell:

I have only started using this and it has been great because sometimes I miss it when the client calls me in when they are ready; it’s kinda of hard to hear someone call you in when there face is inside a head cradle muffled by a towel. The massage bed that I work on also has a cradle for your hands that is under the head piece; so I place the bell on the hand cradle so that once the client is ready for me to come in, they ring the service bell, I enter, remove the bell from underneath the cradle and then start my treatment.

Massage Bars:

This is another embellishment that I have only started using and once again, I think these are great because they are easy to store, carry and no spillage risks. With the massage bar, because some of them are textured, its another added sensation to the massaging of the body and if you go in deep enough, you can feel that texture kneading into you.  When you have massage bar that is infused with different smells, when I hand it to the client, they hold the bar like it is something really precious and its lovely to watch. The only downside to massage bars is that they can be really pricey. However, there is a nice company that makes them a tad cheaper. If you are looking to order, check this out: 


As your business grows, your unique selling point grows too. One of the ways to do this is to invest in equipment or alternative ways to treat your clients to new things that no one else has. One of those things for me is a jade roller and I use this for Facials and Indian Head Massage. Besides it being great for lymphatic drainage and unblocking sinus congestion, I use this to roll along the face because the cooling sensation of this precious stone in the form of a roller helps the client come round to waking up when they have been in a semi-sleeping state. 


Every so often, I get asked why I do not have music during my treatments and that is 1) You need a licence and if you are a new business, this can be expensive. The only way around this is if you buy a CD and play it in the treatment room however, CD’s can skip while playing and that can be disruptive for the customer. 2) We live in a really noisy world and to get away from that noise is very peaceful. To help my clients be more mindful, it’s a great discipline to learn how to just be still and quiet in the moment. 3) Sometimes my clients like a chat and that chat is usually banterous, so I don’t want to take away from their need to vent. However, if you a client that is a boring conversationalist and has an unbearable voice that sucks the life force out of me, I will have to play the music to drown you out, sorry not sorry…..

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